Conference Topics

Nonparametric and functional methods

Vector processes

Probabilistic approaches to modeling macroeconomic uncertainties

Uncertainties in forecasting processes


Forecasting with Many Models. Model integration

Forecasting theory and adjustment

Ensemble forecasting

Forecasting performance evaluation

Interval forecasting

Data preprocessing methods: Data decomposition, seasonal adjustment, singular

spectrum analysis, detrending methods, etc.

Econometric models

Economic and econometric forecasting

Real macroeconomic monitoring and forecasting

Advanced econometric methods

Adaptivity for stochastic models

On-line machine learning for forecasting

Aggregation of predictors

Hierarchical forecasting

Forecasting with computational intelligence

Time series analysis with computational intelligence

Integration of system dynamics and forecasting models

Local vs global forecasts

Dimension reduction techniques


Forecasting Complex/Big data

Health forecasting

Atmospheric science forecasting

Telecommunication forecasting

Hydrological forecasting

Traffic forecasting

Tourism forecasting

Marketing forecasting

Modelling and forecasting in power markets

Energy forecasting

Climate forecasting

Financial forecasting and risk analysis

Forecasting electricity load and prices

Forecasting and planning systems

Applications in real problem (finance, transportation, networks, meteorology, ehealth, environment, etc).