• Generalife Palace
  • Alhambra View
  • Alhambra's Night
  • Granada's Panoramic (I)
  • Granada's Panoramic (II)
  • Granada's Cathedral
  • Moorish Windows
  • Court of the Lions
  • Costa Tropical of Granada
Generalife Palace1 Alhambra View2 Alhambra's Night3 Granada's Panoramic (I)4 Granada's Panoramic (II)5 Granada's Cathedral6 Moorish Windows7 Court of the Lions8 Costa Tropical of Granada9
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Virtual Presentations

  • Mazorra Aguiar and Felipe Diaz Reyes: Solar Radiation forecasting analysis using linear models. Application in Gran Canaria Island

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  • Darpan Baheti and K.S Rajan : Change-Event Detection in Temporal Signature using MODIS Imagery

  • Ahmed Helmi, Mohamed Waleed Fakhr and Amir F. Atiya: A Comparison of Greedy Approximation Algorithms for Sparse Coding Time Series Forecasting

  • Valentin Dogaru Ulieru, Daniel Dunea, Stefania Iordache, Ioan Corneliu Salisteanu, Ciprian Oprescu, Alin Pohoata: On the analysis of wind characteristics variations for improving photovoltaic arrays efficiency

  • Carlos Andres Martinez Alayon, Roberto Ferro Escobar and Ruben Gonzalez: Modeling of network traffic in a digital video transmission via Time Series ARIMA and SARIMA univariate and multivariate VARMA

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